In today’s world, active shooter incidents are becoming all too frequent. It’s crucial to be prepared to survive such situations. Our Active Shooter Preparedness Training course equips you with the essential tools to plan for, react to, and help others increase their chances of survival during an active shooter event.

Course Highlights:

  • Understanding Active Shooter Incidents: Learn about the general characteristics and dynamics of active shooter situations, providing you with the foundational knowledge to better understand these critical incidents.
  • Recognizing Signs of Potential Violence: Gain skills to identify warning signs and behaviors that could indicate potential violence, enabling you to take preventive measures.
  • Response Strategies: Discover effective strategies to respond during an active shooter incident, including how to stay safe and assist others.
  • What to Expect During and After an Incident: Understand what typically happens during an active shooter event and the immediate aftermath, preparing you for the possible scenarios.
  • Basic Life-Saving First Aid: Learn essential first aid techniques that could help save your life or the lives of others during a critical situation.

Course Details:

  • Duration: Three-hour classroom-only course.
  • Instructor: Conducted by our experienced instructor, Sylvia Bergstedt.

Enrollment Information:

  • Frequency: This course is usually offered at least twice a month.
  • Sign-Up: Visit our Facebook page or the events section on our website for more information and to enroll. Seats fill up fast, so early registration is recommended.

Refund Policy: Cancellations made with 14 days’ notice will incur a $9 service fee.

Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to survive an active shooter situation. Join us for our Active Shooter Preparedness Training and be prepared for the unexpected.

We look forward to providing you with the confidence and tools necessary to protect yourself and others in critical situations.


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