At Elite Firearms & Training, we offer a variety of gunsmithing services to meet your firearm repair, maintenance, and customization needs. Whether you’re looking for routine cleaning, complex builds, or precision adjustments, our skilled gunsmiths are here to help. Below is a list of our current offerings, and we’re continuously expanding our services. For more details or to arrange repair or modification work, please call us at 412-221-4900.

Gunsmithing Services and Rates:

  • Hourly Rate: $75/hour

For all general gunsmithing services not listed below, our skilled technicians are available at an hourly rate to diagnose, repair, or modify your firearm to your specifications.

  • Full Cleaning: $60

Ensure your firearm operates smoothly and reliably with our comprehensive cleaning service. We meticulously clean and lubricate your firearm, inspecting all components for wear and functionality.

  • Scope Mount and Boresight: $45

Achieve optimal accuracy by having your scope professionally mounted and boresighted. Our experts ensure your scope is securely attached and properly aligned for precision shooting.

  • Sight In (Pistol/Pistol Caliber Carbine): $35 + Ammunition

Fine-tune your pistol or pistol caliber carbine with our sighting-in service. We adjust your sights to ensure accurate targeting, giving you confidence in your firearm’s performance.

  • AR Build (Lower): $125 + Parts

Customize your AR lower receiver with our build service. We assemble your lower receiver using high-quality parts, ensuring it meets your exact specifications and functions flawlessly.

  • AR Build (Upper): $150 + Parts

Create the perfect AR upper receiver with our expert build service. Our gunsmiths meticulously assemble your upper receiver, paying attention to every detail to enhance performance and reliability.

  • Sight Change: $35

Need new sights? We offer professional sight installation services to ensure your new sights are properly aligned and securely mounted for the best shooting experience.

Contact Us:

For more information on our gunsmithing services or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 412-221-4900. Our experienced staff is ready to assist you with all your firearm needs.

Stay Updated:

Keep an eye on our offerings as we continue to expand our range of services. Visit our Facebook page or check the events section on our website for the latest updates and new service announcements. At Elite Firearms & Training, we are dedicated to providing top-notch gunsmithing services to enhance your shooting experience.


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